Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is a popular phrase today.  Yet what does it mean?  How is it achieved?  Some might say: it simply means medical care at a lower cost.  But lower cost may risk quality.  On the other hand, good healthcare management should define quality and empower people to stay healthy.  In this way, individuals control their medical outcomes.  The Bessette Report is a personal opinion blog dedicated to fostering better healthcare management.

Stethoscope made of DNA

Two barriers impede ideal  healthcare.  First, it’s complicated, and next, it deals with diseases we’d just as soon avoid.  Although regular medical exams can intercept illness early.  Many people avoid this path, and then suffer high cost and hardship.  This blog will explore ways to overcome those barriers with knowledge that helps identify quality providers and treatments.

Each day, we are barraged with news reports on the crippling effects of high-cost medical care — personal bankruptcy, government shut downs, and unemployment for chronically ill patients.  Current solutions to curb these costs are not working.  Since 17% of GDP is spent on healthcare management, the average citizen is confused as to where the money went.  Yet for a patient dealing with a personal illness, it’s vital to understand the relationship between cost and good treatment outcomes.

This blog will illuminate the healthcare landscape with regular discussions on current medical topics.  Together we’ll explore:

  • medical education,
  • health policy,
  • health politics,
  • health economics,
  • healthcare informatics
  • managed healthcare policies
  • and medical research.

We’ll promise to keep medical jargon at a minimum and turn it into ordinary language.

The web page About Us gives insight into the author’s background and guiding principles.  As with any opinion blog, the information presented here, along with the comments provided by readers, are not to be taken as a diagnosis or treatment recommendation for any specific illness.  Instead this opinion blog and forum is intended as an information source to help create a more informed consumer in healthcare.

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