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Russell Bessette
Russell W. Bessette M.D.

By definition, a blog is an informational site on the World Wide Web that expresses the opinions, observations and experiences, generally of a single author.  My blog will certainly fit that definition.  Its primary focus will be discussions on matters related to healthcare delivery and health care costs.  The intent of these discussions is to improve the public health and lower costs for quality medical outcomes.

Since a blog expresses opinions, it’s important to know the author’s experience and credentials.  Thus permitting readers to weigh the value of any expressed opinion.  In an effort to facilitate that objective, I’ve provided a link to summarize aspects of my career.

A summary is provided by Linked in and Research Gate

An honorary  doctorial degree from Clarkson University.


This web blog at BessetteReport.com is the personal website of Russell Bessette.  Entries to this weblog represent my personal opinion.  The site is not owned, operated, or affiliated with any employer.

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As the blog matures, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion on the site.  Comments are owned by the poster.  IP addresses are logged and may be disclosed to others.  You should provide your valid e-mail address when leaving comments; the e-mail address will not be sold or provided to spammers.  I also reserve the right to remove inflammatory or inappropriate comments.